BLC20 Cordless Leaf Blower, 0-170MPH


【Just The Right Amount Of “High Wind Power”】Tired of the unrealistic and outrageous parameters on the market, too much wind power will only make your yard look like it has experienced a tornado. Let us do it with MYTOL blower cordless, 400CFM wind volume just enough to blow up some small stones and wet maple leaves, will not blow the leaves everywhere and will not hurt your beloved lawn.
【Air Speed Is Under Your Control】 MYTOL electric blower provides infinitely variable speed from 0-170MPH at the touch of a button, see what this can do? Fine dust requires a lower wind speed, and as the dust gets bigger, press more to blow up easily; when you press the button to the end, the powerful copper motor ejects 170MPH of wind from the wide-mouth nozzle, allowing you to clear large areas with fewer passes.
【2 Batteries & Charger】MYTOL battery powered blower is supplied with all accessories. The actual duration of the 2.0Ah 20V battery at the highest wind speed is about 20 minutes, which is absolutely enough for your work. You can alternate the 2 batteries in turns without delay. It takes about 50 minutes to fully charge with the included quick charger.

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